What is the function of RingCentral?

RingCentral provides secure, reliable VoIP service that empowers your workforce to make and receive calls anywhere internet access is available.

What features does RingCentral offer?

In addition to conventional voice phone calls, RingCentral also provides organizations with online meetings, SMS, group messaging, and sophisticated call management features. The company provides a comprehensive cloud communications platform without the use of costly wires and infrastructure.Feb 14, 2023

What makes RingCentral unique?

The RingCentral app offers a unified, intuitive, open, and secure place for group work. Whether at a desktop computer or on the go with a mobile device, phone calls and video meetings are right there with you. Enjoy flexible file sharing, task management, and unlimited cloud storage.

Why use RingCentral over Zoom?

Our Verdict: Zoom is better for companies that need phone+chat or video+chat, while RingCentral is better for those who need all three communication channels. Depending on the plan, Zoom combines phone+chat, video+chat, or all three channels, while RingCentral includes all three on every unified communications plan.Oct 16, 2023

Why is RingCentral the best?

RingCentral MVP combines all your channels into one platform and offers unlimited business communication. Everything is easily accessible using the comprehensive desktop and mobile apps